What is Aether?

The Aether Student CubeSat team brings together young Belgian engineers who are passionate about space technology. We are designing a CubeSat: a nano-satellite small enough to hold in your hand. In the past decade, the CubeSat standard has enabled countless new innovations in the space industry, and we are determined to uphold this tradition!

Aether is focusing on the area of re-entry: creating the technology that will allow future CubeSats to safely re-enter the atmosphere and land on Earth after carrying out their experiments in orbit. This will allow scientists to analyse samples and get even more results out of their experiments, and all this with the affordability and accessibility that come with the CubeSat platform! 

Aether is part of the 'TechinVent' postgraduate programme at the KU Leuven. This programme allows students to develop their innovative ideas, either as part of a team or on their own in a start-up. The emphasis is on technological innovation and entrepreneurship. Apply now and become part of our epic journey!

Who we are


A recently graduated aerospace engineer from KU Leuven, excited about space and space technology since he was a child.


A graduated mathematical engineer with a passion for data science and space engineering. Feel free to reach out! 


Aerospace engineer ready to build an innovative and inspiring cubesat capable of sample return.

Contact us

Have a question? Don't hesitate to reach out and we will get back to you soon.